Sourcebook Overview

GIZ Sourcebook for Decision-Makers in Developing Cities

What is the Sourcebook? 

This Sourcebook on Sustainable Urban Transport addresses the key areas of a sustainable transport policy framework for a developing city. The Sourcebook consists of 30 modules. All modules are available in English and some of them are also available in other languages, mainly Spanish, Chinese and Bahasa Indonesia while some other are available in Ukrainian, Romanian, Portuguese, French, Vietnamese and Korean. The Sourcebook is also complemented by a series of training documents, technical documents and other material available from this website ( for Chinese users, for Spanish speakers).

Who is it for? 

The Sourcebook is intended for policy-makers in developing cities, and their advisors. This target audience is reflected in the content, which provides policy tools appropriate for application in a range of developing cities. The academic sector (e.g., universities) has also benefited from this material.

How is it supposed to be used?

The Sourcebook can be used in a number of ways. Various personnel involved in various aspects of urban transport planning, provision and policymaking can use different modules suited to their area of work. The Sourcebook can be easily adapted to fit into a formal short course training event, or can serve as a guide for developing a learning curriculum or other training programs in the area of urban transport. GIZ also has detailed training packages on important subjects - a BRT planning guide, a Mass Transit Training course, a Training document on Bus Planning and Regulation, Non-Motorised Transport, and Public Awareness and Behaviour Change. Future training documents include one on Transport Demand Management (TDM) and other key topics, which are being developed with other organizations working in developing countries, as has been the case with some previous training documents.  

What are some of the key features? 

The key features of the Sourcebook include:

  • A practical orientation, focusing on best practices in planning and regulation and, where possible, successful experiences in developing cities.
  • Contributors are leading experts in their fields.
  • An attractive and easy-to-read, colour layout.
  • Non-technical language (to the extent possible), with technical terms explained.
  • Updates via the Internet.


How do I get a copy?

PDF versions of the modules can be downloaded from the thematic pages of SUTP.ORG. Due to the constant updating of all modules print versions of the English language edition are no longer available. A print version of the first 20 modules in Chinese language is sold throughout China by Communication Press. Any questions regarding the use of the modules can be directed to sutp[at]  or transport[at]

What thematics areas does the Sourcebook cover?

Comments or feedback?

We welcome your comments or suggestions on the Sourcebook. Please write to us at sutp[at] and transport[at], or by surface mail to: 

Manfred Breithaupt
GIZ, Division 44
P. O. Box 5180
65726 Eschborn, Germany 

Further modules and resources

Additional resources are being developed, and Urban Transport Photo CD-ROMs and DVD are also available (some photos have been uploaded in the photo gallery). You will also find relevant links and more than 400 documents and presentations under Links and Documents sections (and under same categories in for Chinese users).

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