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Nicolas Hulot, French secretary of environment introduces 5 year climate Plan

The new French Government bold steps in climate change policy. On July 6th, the French secretary of environment, Nicolas Hulot, has submitted a climate plan which paves the way to France’s climate neutrality in 2050. Related to mobility, France surprised with the statement to get rid of combustion engines by 2040. Bit by bit, French automobile industry should launch only eco-friendly new cars.

Moreover, there are several other approaches listed in the “Plan climat” to achieve this goal. By introducing a bonus-malus-system, households are given an incentive to separate from their old vehicle. This project especially targets low-income households. The Government expects thereby a rising demand for electric cars. Furthermore, the taxation of diesel and gasoline is to be adjusted- so far there is a tax benefit for diesel fuel. In the logistic sector, the purchase of environmentally-driven trucks will be supported by creating tax incentives.

France also wants to promote the exchange of knowledge and policies in sustainable mobility by hosting international mobility conferences. Furthermore, Hulot mentioned, that there is a special consideration of the overseas territories, as there are specific challenges in the area of mobility.

 All these measures are intended to get France into a pioneering role in terms of sustainable and future-proof mobility. Hulot mentioned, that France wants to its leading position in Europe on the way to climate neutrality. Unquestionably, Transport plays a decisive role in preventing climate change.

Here you can read the entire “Plan Climat” (FR).


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