European Mobility Week 2017 in Ukraine

European Mobility Week 2017 in Ukraine

Worldwide, nearly 2,500 towns and cities registered 644 mobility actions for the European Mobility Week that took place 16 – 22 September 2017. Following the slogan “Sharing gets you further” the EMW continued its work on improving urban living conditions by focusing on sustainable mobility.

Following the prior engagements of previous years, Ukrainian municipalities introduced several campaigns and events.

Poltava approached the issue of illegal parking: On September 23rd together with the representatives of “Institute of city development”, representatives of NGOs of handicapped people and car police, drivers were made aware of problems arising from wrongfully parking in handicapped spaces. They were informed on rules of parking and according fines for disobedience. Poltava drivers received a key chain marked with the words “I respect all traffic participants” to carry with them as a reminder.

Drivers being educated in Poltava

On the same day, as round table was organized in partnership with the  NGO “Velopoltava”.  Invitations were extended to both those who regularly cycle and those who would like to join the biking community. The purpose of the round table was to verify the main routes used by bike riders during their trips through the city and to determine the obstacles or hazards they encounter along the way. Rental infrastructure and security from theft were strong concerns that emerged from this debate. To promote the use of bicycles among Poltava citizens the first sightseeing tour on bicycles was conducted. After the excursion, all participants were invited to enjoy the social side of the biking community over tea and cookies.

Round Table Discussion

Bike Tour

In Zhytomyr priority was also given to cycling. The week kicked off with a mountain bike race on September 16 in the close laying Zarichany forest. The second half of the week focused on gathering data for various studies. Routes in two districts (Kroshnya and Polyova) were examined and cyclist volumes were counted. Concluding the EMW on September 22nd, several campaigns came together. “Bike to work” and “1.5 meters of respects” introduced road safety aspects to cyclists and drivers. The car-free day offered special excursions around city murals by bike.

Campaign Hand outs

In total 50 nations and 2485 cities participated in the European Mobility Week. Even some non-European countries such as Brazil, Mexico, Japan and Kazakhstan participated. A list and map of participating cities can be found here. More information on the 644 registered Mobility Actions that took place in 43 different countries can be found here.

Selected activities in Ukraine were supported by the project GIZ project “Integrated Urban Development in Ukraine”.


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