The Importance of Design – Experiences from Lviv/Ukraine

The Importance of Design – Experiences from Lviv/Ukraine

Sadova street in Lviv has changed. Over the course of the past year urban design has taken on a new meaning for the residents. Previously the road was characterized by narrow passages, poor materials and barriers erected in hopes of deterring wrongful parking. All that has changed.

Expanding the road by 1 meter, it now meets state standards. Beyond simply meeting the standards the barriers were removed and adequate parking was built, including handicapped spaces. More importantly, special attention was given to cyclists and pedestrians.

Two cycling paths were designed to flank the road. They now provide safety for cyclist and increase awareness of their presence among drivers. An extension of this path was inserted at the crossing. By doing this cyclists are given waiting space in front of cars and are more visible to drivers. It is the first of its kind in Lviv.

Sidewalks and crossings are designed to provide comfort for pedestrians and has incorporated needs for disabled people as well. Areas in front of residential buildings are free of cars and provide space for leisure activities. Greenery and safe crossings now characterize the course of the road.

While simple in nature the Sadova Street project is a prime example of how simple design measures in urban road construction influence safety, accessibility and perception. Even small measures improve mobility and mindfulness among users. The work has been led by Oleh Schmid, Director of the Institute for Spatial Development at the communal enterprise “Lvivavtodor”.

Learn more about Oleh Schmid here and for more on cycling in Lviv click here.


Photos: Oleh Schmid


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