Today is the 6th annual International Winter Bike to Work Day!

Today is the 6th annual International Winter Bike to Work Day!

Despite of ice and snow, cyclists around the world are proving that commuting by bike to work is possible – and fun! 

Nearly 10.000 people have signed up for the International Winter Bike to Work Day and are sending a clear statement: With good infrastructure and winter maintenance, degrees below the freezing point are not an obstacle for cycling.

During the international challenge, numerous cafés and organizations are providing free hot drinks and cake. Another charming idea is the crowd-sourced gift exchange. Participants can optionally chose, if they want to receive a gift from another randomly picked fellow winter biker, and send a gift in return.

The initiative is a great encouragement, seeing bikers around the world in snow-covered winter landscapes got us here at the GIZ totally motivated to get on our bikes and defy the cold as well!


Tabea: "Riding the bike every morning and evening does not only give me my daily doses of fresh air and exercise but I also escape the rush hour in the metro or on the street. Especially in a big city such as Frankfurt, biking is often the fastest way to get around. Additionally, I save money and it’s good for the environment."

Martin: "As long as it’s just cold, biking is great! You just put your hat and gloves on and you are good to go. If it rains, it gets a bit more uncomfortable but with the right clothing, you can still bike and you will feel good afterwards. Anyway, it’s the easiest way to move daily during the winter. So, grab your bike and start riding!"


Mareike: "I cycle to work on a daily basis. Usually, there is not a lot that could prevent me from cycling in winter. Nonetheless, darkness and icy roads make cycling in winter less enjoyable.Since I do not own a car, driving is not an option anyways. Thus, the knowledge that I am faster and more flexible by bike than I am by public transport is my greatest motivation. Whereas I would have to walk to the closest bus stop or train station in order to travel by pubic transport, my bike directly takes me to my final destination. I like the fresh cold air that makes me wake me up in the morning and allows me to sit down with a hot drink when I return in the evening. Furthermore, since bike paths are more or less empty, I can go as fast as I want."


Verena: "I really love my way to work. I cycle every day next to the river Rhine, which is not only the fastest and most efficient means to get to my workplace but also calm and relaxing way of commuting. Cold and rainy weather is no obstacle for me, on the contrary it wakes me up and refreshes me for the day. My daily trips are a good compensation for the office work I do during the rest of the day."


Hannah: "Right now I don’t go to work by bike regularly because it takes me almost two hours. But today, due to the international winter bike to work day, I got so motivated that I faced the challenge, got up early, put on my warmest clothes and got on my bike. It is an amazing feeling to move with your own energy. And it wasn’t cold at all! The cold temperatures are affecting me more, when I have to stand around and wait for the train, than while pedaling. It is a great way to spend time outside, breath fresh air and connect with yourself and your surroundings."


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