Webinar on Tactical Urbanism: Wrap-Up and Further Resources

Webinar on Tactical Urbanism: Wrap-Up and Further Resources

About 80 participants took part in our latest webinar on Tactical Urbanism with Mike Lydon, a record in the history of SUTP’s webinars!  

Mike Lydon, Urban Planner and principal with Street Plans (New York City, USA) is the creator of the the Open Streets Project and the globally acclaimed Tactical Urbanism: Short-Term Action, Long-Term Change. Examining multiple real-life examples, Mike talked about the limitations, potentials, and lessons learned by activists and municipalities when planning and implementing Tactical Urbanism activities. After the presentation, a lively discussion evolved.

Some of the questions asked by participants were:  

-  How to conduct Tactical Urbanism initiatives without government support or within a very rigid legal framework?

-  Can Tactical Urbanism also contribute to designing cities that are more resilient to extreme weather conditions?

-  What about liability and accidents, especially during pilot phases?

Spontaneously, Luz Yazmin Viramontes Fabela from the Centre for Studies on Pedestrian Mobility (CAMINA), shared first-hand experience on tactical urbanism on the streets of Mexico City. CAMINA further developed a manual for Tactical Urbanists, presented at the Mexican Pavilion at Venice Biennale of Architecture 2016. 

In case you have missed out the webinar, you may watch the recording and find the presentation files here. Please scroll down for further relevant links.

We thank all participants, and especially Mike and Luz Yazmin for their excellent inputs and the fruitful discussion and hope to see you again soon.


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