SUTP Sourcebook Module 1e now also available in Portuguese!

SUTP Sourcebook Module 1e now also available in Portuguese!

Changing mobility patterns can be rough. But there is ways to get even the car lovers on board: Our updated training document "Mobilidade sustentável: levando as pessoas a bordo” will provide you with the essential tools for awareness and behaviour change initiatives! With this you will even get those on board who say: “Walking, cycling or public transport is inconvenient and uncomfortable in comparison to driving to work with my own car.” It is for mind-sets like these, why promoting car use instead of more sustainable ways of travelling within cities are still common practice, overseeing that the long term effects are even more uncomfortable. Let us change this!

Click here to download the new Sourcebook module 1e in Portuguese: “Mobilidade sustentável: levando as pessoas a bordo”.

Our new publication identifies key elements of an Awareness and Behaviour Change (ABC) strategy, where tools, messages and activities are more flexible, smarter, strategic and systematic. A successful ABC strategy will even reach the biggest car lovers to pay attention, to become aware of sustainable transport as a viable option and, ideally, to change their mobility behavior. This ABC-strategy is especially tailored to support decision-makers, technical staff, consultants and experts as well as individuals, to implement their sustainable policies, investments in bus and bike lanes better, by helping them in promoting eco-friendly mobility and getting people on board!

The Portuguese translation was prepared in collaboration with the project "Energy Efficiency in Urban Mobility" in Brazil, implemented by GIZ on behalf of BMZ.

This new sourcebook is a major update of the “Training Document on Public Awareness and Behaviour Change in Sustainable Transport” published in 2006 by GIZ. The updated version has broadened its scope to a more ambitious, policy-change aim and has revised many of its recommendations from ten years ago. The author Carlosfelipe Pardo has a background in psychology and is especially interested in decision-making processes and awareness as well as behaviour change towards a more sustainable mobility sector.

Click here to download the english version: “Sustainable mobility: Getting people on board”.

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