The SUTP-Team

Armin Wagner

Senior Transport Policy Advisor

Traffic and Transport Engineer and Team Leader of the Sector Project Sustainable Mobility, is specialised in urban mobility and international fuel prices. He has over 17 years of experience in the field of sustainable transport project management.

Daniel Moser

Transport Policy Advisor

Urban Planner and our TUMI Management Head. His motivation is to foster innovation and expand sustainable urban mobility initiatives internationally. Which first led him to ‘Mobility and Transport’ at Greenpeace, focusing on smart mobility solutions, livability and the sharing economy.

Kristina Kebeck

Transport Policy Advisor

Experienced transport geographer and committed transport mobility advisor, evident from her almost 15 years of work experience in the field. She pushes forward the topic of gender and transport in international dialogues.

Jan Rickmeyer

Transport Policy Advisor

Traffic and Transport Engineer, has a decade of experience in transport planning. He is responsible for sustainable transport policy counseling on local, regional and international levels. Formerly he has been Cycling Coordinator of the City of Leipzig, Project Manager for the EU and associate for CycleCities and MOVCIT projects.

Verena Flues

Transport Policy Advisor

Political Scientist is specialized in Environmental Politics from the University Sciences Po in Paris and National Autonomous University in Mexico City. As an advisor focusing on cycling, public transport and transport budget allocation at Greenpeace Mexico, she gained the enthusiasm for sustainable urban mobility.

Lena Stiller

Transport Policy Advisor

Lena is an experienced public policy consultant and project manager. She worked in a public policy consultancy, focusing on energy, transport and mobility. She studied political sciences, public administration and economics and holds a master’s degree in International Peace and Security.

Frederic Tesfay

Project Manager

Project Manager focused on project implementation. A Mechanical Engineer by education has a strong focus on monitoring and controlling, has successfully began managing a variety of projects in the field of technical education and capacity building for the GIZ in Asia.

Sophia Sünder

Transport Policy Advisor

Political Scientist and Communications Expert, utilizes her year‘s of experience in international cooperation, focusing on communications, public relations and project management, at the UN, the German Embassy, a state Infrastructure Ministry and the German television channel ZDF, within our team since 2016.

Martin Schäfer

Transport Policy Advisor

Educated Economist, geographer and mobility expert in Germany, Romania and France, as been working for KfW Development Bank and has been a consultant for companies and governments to bridge the gap between transport systems and climate change. He now focuses on electric bus mobility and integration of public transport.

Linus Platzer

Transport Policy Advisor

Holds a Master of Public Affairs from Indiana University, focusing on energy and sustainability policy. Linus brings in strategic thinking and awareness for organizational sustainability to contribute to the exciting future of mobility.

Stephanie Pons

Transport Policy Advisor

Has worked as a consultant for KfW Development Bank in the field of nature protection, prioritizing on sustainable conservation finance in Brazil, India and Ghana. Stephanie studied Business Administration and Economic Geography, focusing on new mobility trends.

Marvin Stolz

Transport Policy Advisor TUMIVolt

E-Mobility expert who recently joined our team in 2020. Previously he worked for KfW Development Bank in both energy and transport sector. Marvin studied Business Administration and has a master’s degree in Risk Assessment and Sustainability Management. During his studies, he was focusing on the strategic integration of electric taxis and buses on city level.

Jasmin Werra


Business Economist and Controller has recently graduated in International Business focusing on accounting and controlling. She has 3 years of experiences in several departments of GIZ and is presently responsible for the financial controlling of projects.

Vlada Andreychenko


Controller, has been working as a financial and contract officer since 2015 and is now supporting our team in internal financial topics, being responsible for the financial controlling of projects.

Jasmin Reinhard


Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology, in our team September 2019 – March 2020

Itzel Garcia Mejia


Master’s Degree in Urban Management, in our team September 2019 – March 2020

Janina Möller


Master’s student in Urban Planning and Mobility, in our team October 2019 – March 2020

Abhishek Goturkar


Master’s student in Transportation Systems, in our team August 2019 – April 2020

Nicole Linsenbold


Bachelor’s Degree in Human Geography, in our team January 2020 – June 2020